17 March 2017

On the occasion of the ISF WSC Tennis the president of the Foundation/President of CBDE, Robson Aguiar, with Mr. Nobert Kever, ISF Sports Director and Mr. Alexander Gray, ISF Executive Member visited a school in Recife for donating sport goods.

The donation is a result from the last Executive Committee’s decision to request the participating delegations that have the opportunity to travel abroad, meet in an international environment and practice their favorite sport at a high level competition, to donate a few sporting items from their home town.

As the ISF World Schools Championship Tennis 2017 is the first of the season, so was it also for the donation. More than half of the countries did bring sporting goods which covered many sports, but mostly tennis practice.

A special thanks to England, France, Germany, Italy, Scotland and Chinese Taipei* for their generous contribution, which will give the opportunity to underprivileged pupils to practice sports. Discover a bit more of tennis.

The school sport foundation’s President announced that he has set up tennis clinics to train the pupils to get the right moves and balance to play tennis. The Tennis Squash Centre will be in charge of driving the clinics, which was one of the two tennis centers hosting the ISF World Schools Championship of Tennis.


* Merchiston Castle School (Scotland - Sport Scotland), Reeds & Queenswood Schools (England - NCSS), National Shan-Hua Senior High School & Kaohsiung Municipal Senior High School (Chinese Taipei - CTSSF), Lycee Sonia Delaunay & Lycee Rey (France - UNSS), IISS G.B. Vaccarini & IIS  Pacinotti - Archimede (Italy - MIUR), Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium & Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Schule Germany - Kommission Sport der KMK). Thank you to them and their national school sport entity for contributing.